Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you find what you’re looking for here, but if you don’t please email your queries to enquiries@hexagony.co.uk and we will try to answer your query.

Q: How do you play the game?
A: Take a look at the HexAgony Rules page for an explanation

Q: Where can I download a copy of the rules?
A: Download a copy of the rules in English here (PDF reader required)
A: Download a copy of the rules in Dutch here(PDF reader required)
A: Download a copy of the rules in French here (PDF reader required)
A: Download a copy of the rules in German here (PDF reader required)

Q: How many players can play HexAgony?
A: Hexagony is a game for 2 – 3 players, however people do play a solo version

Q: What age range is the game suitable for?
A: We would recommend 8 years or over, but know of players 5 years old

Q: How many playing pieces are there?
A: There are a total of 51 hexagons, comprising 48 multicoloured counters, and 1 x Solid Red, 1 x Solid Blue, 1 x Solid White

Q: How long does the game last?
A: On average games can last between 15 – 30 minutes

Q: One of my hexagons is damaged, will you replace it?
A: Of course, we aim for <1% failure rate, and will send out a free replacement

Q: Can I buy more counters to extend the length of game play?
A: You can get a HexAgony Expansion pack here

Q: Can you play HexAgony on your own ?
A: There are several variations of the game that can be played by one person. Check out or game variations page for details

Q: What happens if both players get the same number of hexagons?
A: Occasionally draws do happen. You may decide beforehand that a player with a completed solid colour hexagon could be declared the winner in the event of a draw, or that the player with the greatest number of opportunities to make more hexagons wins, or do as we do and decide that a draw is a draw.

Q: How many different ways are there to make a hexagon?
A: We reckon that there are 4 ways per colour, so 12 combinations in all.

Q: Where can I play HexAgony to see if I like it?
A: You can play HexAgony at Thirsty Meeples in Oxford, and Draughts or Loading Bar in London, or if you happen to be in Copenhagen at the Bastard Cafe.