HexAgony – Deceptively simple, endlessly challenging!

Form as many Hexagons of your chosen colour as you can, it’s as simple as that.
But HexAgony can be very addictive, and you know you can do better next time!

A game that combines strategy, luck and exciting challenges every time you play, and is suitable for all ages from 8 – 80, and beyond.

HexAgony was award Best Abstract Game at the UK Games Expo 2015, and is recommended by The Good Toy Guide.



Comments and reviews from people who’ve played HexAgony

I love abstract games and this one just really ticks all of the boxes
Dice TowerBreacher 18 Online Review

I really recommend HexAgony. If you’re looking for a great abstract game that can be played multiple times in one night, or as a filler game, look no further, HexAgony is the game for you!
Bored Reviews Online Review

Abstract games like HexAgony are highly replayable…It is a perfect game to act as a filler, or just a casual game among friends..
Gameapalooza Online Review

It’s a brilliant game and everyone should own it.
Nikki – House of Geek – Podcast Review

I want the world to know about this game, because it’s just so simple and fun
Ian – House of Geek – Podcast Review

OMG I love this game
Breacher18 – Instagram

I think they hit it out of the park with this simple abstract game
The Boardgame RenegadeYoutube Review

The game is awesome!! An instant classic with my family, we are loving it.”
D.R. – Twitter

Abstracts are my favourite genre of game with great games like Go, Kamisado, Othello, Backgammon, Quantum, Tash-Kalar, Quoridor – and I can say Hexagony is up there with the best of them.

A super fun three-player abstract game, and it’s very rare you find a good abstract game like this, that plays three-players well. .
BeardsandBoardgamesYoutube Review

This game is fast, easy to teach and fun!
W.W. – BoardGameGeek

Surely one of the best games schoolchildren should play to develop their analytical and abstract thinking skills.
Boardgamersbaku – Instagram

Some games when you play them, you instinctively know that they’re going to be a classic.”
The Bearded MeepleYoutube Review

Congratulations on winning the best abstract game award. HexAgony totally deserves it. We bought HexAgony from you at the UK Games Expo after playing it at the Family Zone. We are enjoying it a lot.
N.S. – BoardGameGeek

Yup – this became an instant hit for our family gaming time. It’s simple and it’s fast and yes, it’s agonizing.
N.S. – BoardGameGeek

A simple and yes ‘agonising’game of creating hexagons. This made my brain hurt. If you like abstract games and pattern matching then check this out.
F.B. – BoardGameGeek

HexAgony was my favourite game!! Just had to buy it!
K.D. – Facebook

Hey @hexagonyuk Well done on your win! Myself and my girlfriend voted for you. Awesome game I look at picking up in the future
A.W. – Twitter

Picked up a copy of HexAgony at the UK Games Expo, absolutely amazing game and well deserved award! Me and the Mrs having great fun with it!
A.O. – Facebook